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Equipping Young Adults for Real World Success


Dennis Trittin founded LifeSmart Publishing to help address the life skills deficit hindering today’s younger generation. Observation and research suggests this looming crisis is rooted in several cultural and institutional forces:

    1. increasing fragmentation of family life
    2. immature or absent parenting
    3. schools viewing character/life skills as the domain of parents and therefore focusing primarily on traditional subject matter; parents incorrectly assume schools are fully covering key life subjects (e.g., finance)
    4. inadequate youth employment opportunities
    5. harmful cultural messages from the media and entertainment industries

The end result is that our society is producing a generation of young adults largely unprepared to negotiate life, develop and maintain healthy life-long relationships, demonstrate honorable and effective leadership, build stable households, and succeed in a--- Read More

Leadership for a Lifetime: Intentionality

10/3/2015 7:16:00 PM

“The quality of your commitments will determine the course of your life.” – Ralph Marston   Everyone has a dream—or at least, they should! The question is, will that dream become a reality? Success doesn’t come easily and dreams don’t automatically come true. It takes hard work and proactivity.   What makes the difference between a dreamer and an achiever? One key attribute is a leadership quality we call intentionality. Here’s what it look--- Read More

Leadership for a Lifetime: Vision

9/27/2015 12:21:05 AM

 If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. ~Lawrence J. Peter   For those of us who grew up in the Sixties, July 20, 1969 will go down as the most inspirational day of our lives. We gathered around our TV sets in wonder as Neil Armstrong spoke these immortal words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Our nation was brimming with pride.   A mere eight years earlier, America’s new and char--- Read More

New Blog Series: Leadership for a Lifetime

9/18/2015 2:24:56 PM

 "Leadership for a Lifetime" talk to high school seniors, FCCLA National Conference in Washington, DC with Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence   Where will they go from here?   It’s a question every parent, educator, and mentor has likely pondered as the children under their guidance prepare for their launch into the real world. They’ve offered love, security, wisdom, and training and have left indelible marks on these young adults. They’ve contributed to their --- Read More

Parenting Teens: When Things Get Rocky

9/13/2015 12:42:16 AM

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. For parents, the teen years provide more opportunities for conflict and stress within your household. Teenagers are processing a lot (they’re changing physically and emotionally, discovering their passions and goals, planning their future, etc.), while parents are trying to transition from control to influence. Often, a certain tension permeates the air as launch time approaches.   As our children transition toward adulthood, changi--- Read More

A Secret Ingredient for Career (and Life) Success

9/4/2015 6:22:21 PM

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson   What does it take to land a great job, make wonderful friends, open doors in your career field, or land lucrative accounts for your employer? When you think of the qualities that might help you get ahead, the first things that usually come to mind are intelligence, experience, reputation, connections, and maybe even luck.. But here’s the deal…when it comes to soaring in your career (and in your l--- Read More

The Media and Your Teen: What is the Entertainment Culture Telling Them?

8/29/2015 9:31:21 PM

Has this happened to you? You tell your teenager something a hundred times over and get nowhere. Then someone slightly cooler comes along, says the same thing, and gets an instant response.  Don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a normal phenomenon! As the teen years progress, most moms and dads notice their teens pulling away and gravitating more to peers and other “voices” in their life. As their parent, it pays to get to know who those other voice--- Read More

4 Aspects of Miscommunication and How to Avoid it

8/22/2015 3:05:53 PM

I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve said, “I didn’t mean it like that!” Or, a nickel for every time someone said it to me. I’d be a very wealthy man! The sad fact is, the messages we send can often be received differently than we intend. And, when it happens, it can be a disaster.  With college and careers starting for many this time of year, it’s important young people aware of how they’re coming across and the impact of how we say things.&nb--- Read More

4 Components of Intentional Parenting

8/16/2015 7:37:56 PM

    From as far back as I can remember I looked forward to becoming a dad. When I was young, I could regularly be found on the basketball court or ball field, coaching the neighborhood children like a modern-day Pied Piper. I figured that a love for children was the main ingredient to being a great dad and didn’t really think much beyond that.  And, then along came our first child—a bundle of joy and energy. And energy. Oh, did I say, “energy?”   --- Read More

10 Ways You Can Become a Lifelong Learner

8/8/2015 11:57:16 PM

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. -William Butler Yeats   Summer…. Don’t we all love it? Enjoying  the days in the sunshine, drinking lemonade on the back deck,  spending more time with family, and kids (and college students) getting a chance to relax before school starts again. I am not sure who loves summer more—kids, or teachers!   But, one thing I’ve learned over the course of my lifetime is that summer vacati--- Read More

From Director to Encourager: Learning to Cheer from the Sidelines

8/1/2015 11:40:18 PM

I am sure many of you have students who will be on their way to college in a matter of weeks or days. Finally, their first taste of independence and arguably the greatest milestone for their parents. So, how are you feeling about it? If you (or someone you know) has a college freshman about to start school, this post is for you!   I remember the first time I heard the term “helicopter parent.” It was at my one of my kids’ college freshman orientation, where they separat--- Read More

Smile--It Means More than You Think

7/26/2015 12:29:29 PM

“Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, even when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family….for smiling is the beginning of love.” ? Mother Teresa   Have you ever thought about what your smile—and your countenance in general, really—say about you? When I first meet someone, I look at their eyes (are they kind?) and their mouth (are they joyful?). I am sure that judging a first impression --- Read More
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