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Equipping Young Adults for Real World Success


Dennis Trittin founded LifeSmart Publishing to help address the life skills deficit hindering today’s younger generation. Observation and research suggests this looming crisis is rooted in several cultural and institutional forces:

    1. increasing fragmentation of family life
    2. immature or absent parenting
    3. schools viewing character/life skills as the domain of parents and therefore focusing primarily on traditional subject matter; parents incorrectly assume schools are fully covering key life subjects (e.g., finance)
    4. inadequate youth employment opportunities
    5. harmful cultural messages from the media and entertainment industries

The end result is that our society is producing a generation of young adults largely unprepared to negotiate life, develop and maintain healthy life-long relationships, demonstrate honorable and effective leadership, build stable households, and succeed in a--- Read More

Cultivating Strong Character in Our Children

6/28/2015 12:34:23 AM

“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character…” - Billy Graham    Benjamin Franklin is credited with the saying that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. However, allow me to add a third thing--when your teen leaves home, his or her values will be tested. How will he or she hold up, especially when homesick, friendsick, or expe--- Read More

Five Keys to Nail Your Performance Review

6/21/2015 12:40:04 PM

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing, many of the young people in our lives are headed into the career field or starting up summer jobs. So here’s an opportunity to equip them with some “street smart” wisdom to excel on the job and win some great references!.   For many, few things generate more stress and discomfort than a performance review. For all parties! It doesn’t have to be that way, but unfortunately it usually is.  For the&nb--- Read More

8 Financial Mistakes You Can Help Your Children Avoid

6/4/2015 5:07:31 PM

Money, money, money. Few things in life generate as much interest yet demand more responsibility. And, while money itself will not bring happiness, mismanaging it can surely ruin a person’s chances for success and cause personal and family strains. Young people who are not prepared for the responsibilities that come with managing their finances can run into major problems and often end up dropping out of college. A 2011 report by the Pew Research Center found for people ages 18 to 34 witho--- Read More

The Three P's for College Academic Success

6/4/2015 11:47:13 AM

College is just around the corner for the hundreds of thousands of students who are graduating this year. Transitioning from high school to college academics can be challenging for many (More homework! Longer papers! Lecture notes! Stiffer competition! Fewer grades!), so here are some tips to make the grade. First of all, remember this: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get GOOD GRADES To do well in college, perform your best, and get the most out of each class/assignment, it&rs--- Read More

5 Ways to Avoid Media Bias and Form Your Own Opinions

5/29/2015 6:10:34 PM

When it comes to the media and all of the different sources of information (TV, newspapers, internet articles, blogs, social media, radio, and more), we need to be watchful for author bias and how it can influence our beliefs and perceptions. And, now that election season is already underway (sigh), it’s never more apparent.  Consider the following (hypothetical) news release: “The government reported third quarter economic growth at 5.4 percent. This compares with 6.0 percent --- Read More

Raising Purposeful Children

5/24/2015 11:11:24 AM

Somewhere in the midst of final exams, prom, Friday night sporting events and texting with friends, American teenagers are setting a course for their future. They’ve been asked a thousand times, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Now, as they approach adulthood, it’s almost show time. For some, the path is clear, while for many (most!) others, it’s a colossal question mark. No wonder recent surveys are showing that teens are more stressed than adults!  --- Read More

Five Ways to Set Your Teen up for Success in College

5/17/2015 11:59:34 AM

We’ve shared these statistics before, but they’re never any less shocking. The United States is ranked 9th among 28 industrialized countries for college enrollment, but DEAD LAST for college completion. This means that thousands of aspiring students will begin college each year, but a large percentage will never finish.   If you’re a parent of a soon-to-be graduating teen, this is a message you don’t want to miss. As parents, we need to set our children up for succes--- Read More

3 Tools to Help You Take Charge of Your Budget

5/10/2015 10:19:12 PM

When it comes to “budgeting,” many people find it right up there with dieting and root canals in terms of the pleasure factor. However, tracking your spending and disciplining yourself to live within your means and save for the future is definitely worth the effort, however unappealing it may be. If budgeting is not a natural bent for you, don’t give up on the idea altogether. You just need a willing attitude and some good resources to help you stay disciplined and on track wi--- Read More

An Unforgettable Gift for Your Teen That Doesn't Cost a Dime

5/3/2015 8:04:18 PM

One of life’s pleasures is giving our children a truly meaningful and unexpected gift. But, let’s be honest—with the convenience of gift cards, it’s so much easier to stick with their wish list. I know it’s my surefire way of guaranteeing they’ll like my choice! Well, today, I’m going to share a gift idea they would never conceive of, but which will go down as one of their most valuable ever. And it won’t cost you a thing.   I call it a &ldqu--- Read More

Stress Busting Tips for Parents and Teens: Part Three

4/27/2015 12:43:33 PM

With graduation just a month or two away, stress is nearing an all-time high for soon-to-be graduates and their parents. That’s why we created a three-part series on ways to bust stress for parents and teens! This week is our third (and last) installment of our series, and it just so happens to be a guest post by teacher, mother, and advocate Tammy Walsh. (In case you missed the first two parts, here is the first and the second.) Our guest author, Tammy Walsh, is a mother of two, a hi--- Read More

Stress Busting Tips for Parents and Teens: Part Two

4/22/2015 11:24:52 AM

In the second part of our series on stress (check out part one here), we’ll focus on how we, as parents, can help control stress in our own lives as well as in the lives of our children. Of course, we want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem!   As parents, we play the leadership role in nurturing our children to be healthy, self -confident, and well-prepared future adults. That includes fostering healthy stress levels for all parties. With growing evidence tha--- Read More
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