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Happy Fathers Day - Joe's Story

6/10/2012 5:18:19 PM

My friend Joe is a highly successful financial manager with an 18-year-old daughter, Julie. 
As last summer approached and Julie was preparing to leave for her first year of college the following September, Joe wondered if he had done everything he could to prepare her for life on her own.  He knew that as a freshman living away from home for the first time, Julie would encounter a whole new world of challenges, decisions, and opportunities.
And then something unexpected happened that would change their lives and their relationship...

A friend gave Joe a copy of my book, What I Wish I Knew at 18.
Even though Joe had a positive relationship with Julie, he quickly realized by perusing the book’s life success pointers that he hadn’t covered all the bases. He suggested to Julie that they go through it together. With two months left before her departure, they decided to review a chapter each Friday at their favorite breakfast place.
Joe shared with me that this was one of the best things he ever did with his daughter. They discussed important issues—some of them for the first time. They became closer and more connected as father and daughter than ever before.  They could discuss any topic openly, without concern, because of the new level of trust they developed. Not only did they enjoy sharing the book’s wisdom, Joe said, but they also they developed a deeper understanding of each other. Each week they talked for hours and hours, building special memories along the way.
The result?  When Julie left for college last September, Joe knew that he had prepared her well for the world of adventures she would experience as a freshman.  He says he’s grateful for the role that What I Wish I Knew at 18 (and their special breakfasts) played in preparing them for Julie’s new life chapter.
As I write this post, Father’s Day is fast approaching.  If you know a Dad – or if you are a Dad – who wants to explore new levels of relationship with his son or daughter, I hope Joe’s story is an encouragement.
Preparing sons and daughters for a thriving adulthood is the mission of LifeSmart Publishing--and we believe fatherhood is a special role. If you’re a dad, we honor you for the important position you hold, the sacrifices you make, and the influence you have on the next generation.
Happy Father’s Day, Dads!
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