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Winning the Educational Trifecta

5/29/2012 12:50:40 AM

Or, How One Program Can Improve Student Performance, Narrow the Achievement Gap, AND Foster Healthier School Cultures
Sue White is a business teacher equipping at-risk students to overcome the odds and reach their full potential.
Brad Johnston is a high school principal who returned to the classroom to promote high academic achievement and a healthier school culture.
Jennifer Blake is an eighth grade English teacher who is instilling powerful life principles to prepare students for academic and social success in high school.
What do these three educators have in common?
They all want to establish a legacy of high academic performance, strong personal leadership, and healthy social environments in their schools.
Sue, Brad, and Jennifer also represent the larger picture. Based on our many conversations with school leaders, there’s an emerging consensus of the top three educational priorities:
1) improving student performance (including graduation rates and
     career/college readiness),
2) narrowing the achievement gap, and
3) growing a healthier school culture and learning environment.
Clearly, these “Big Three” are worthy objectives, and they’re somewhat related. The challenge is achieving all three without regressing on the others. That’s not an easy proposition.
At LifeSmart Publishing, we believe a comprehensive solution is possible—one that uniquely addresses all three goals for an Educational Trifecta. That solution is to develop a strong Personal Leadership Foundation in every student. Here’s how it works…
To reach their full potential, your students must have a healthy perspective on life, leadership, and success—one that’s holistic and based on the universal values that guide honorable, productive people. Students who don’t have a vision for this (from both home and school) will lack the sturdy foundation necessary for a successful life. That’s like building a house on san—and it’s becoming all too common. At LifeSmart, we believe it’s a societal imperative to do better.
The Personal Leadership Foundation diagram (click here to view) illustrates the six key components to effective student leadership development for a lifetime:

 As shown, a holistic Personal Leadership Foundation encompasses:

  • Life Perspective—understanding how to live strategically with purpose and impact 
  • Character—knowing how to exemplify, in all situations, the qualities, attitudes, and behaviors of honorable people 
  • Relationships—understanding the secrets to building and maintaining healthy relationships and communicating well with others
  • Productivity—making the most out of life through effective decision-making and personal discipline 
  • Health—understanding and embodying healthy living
  • Overcoming Adversity—knowing how to persevere through, and learn from, the challenges we face in life
Each student is unique, but they all possess leadership potential. Some need hope and an understanding of their worth. Some need vision and practical direction. Some need help overcoming the adversity they’re facing. Some need help making real friends and standing up for their values. Some need motivation and discipline.
… and, some simply need to know someone else believes in them.
At LifeSmart, we believe in each one of your students. We know you do, too. That’s why we would be honored to partner with you to equip your students with the  powerful principles embodied in a Personal Leadership Foundation—principles that permeate the What I Wish I Knew at 18 Leadership/Life Skills program.
We hope you'll view the link to the free downloadable PDF copy of our Personal Leadership Foundation resource you can use to evaluate and plan your program. As always, let us know how we can serve your school mission.
The LifeSmart Team       

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