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A Secret Ingredient for Career (and Life) Success

9/4/2015 6:22:21 PM

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
What does it take to land a great job, make wonderful friends, open doors in your career field, or land lucrative accounts for your employer? When you think of the qualities that might help you get ahead, the first things that usually come to mind are intelligence, experience, reputation, connections, and maybe even luck.. But here’s the deal…when it comes to soaring in your career (and in your life!), the secret sauce is enthusiasm!


Enthusiasm may seem like a “lower order” attribute compared with these other credentials.. However, many times a job candidate’s  enthusiasm is precisely the deal breaker in choosing one of two equally qualified applicants, or what sways a potential client to selecting their supplier. Everyone wants to work with someone who is excited to be there!
I believe that enthusiasm is a secret ingredient for accomplishing great things. During my investment career, I gave countless presentations to multi-billion dollar sales prospects. After careful observation and coaching from our company’s best marketers, I developed quite a reputation for telling our story. I was told it was my enthusiasm that set me apart from my peers. I passionately believed in our company and its services, and I made sure our prospects could tell! Ultimately, it made a significant difference to our sales success. It was a critical element in my job interviews, too.
People who exude positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious. They inspire others with their spirit and obvious love of life. They motivate everyone around them to do and believe the best, and it’s a key ingredient they pass on to employees.
            How can you demonstrate your enthusiasm on the job? Here’s a sample:

  • in a job interview, know the company and position like the back of your hand and demonstrate your interest with compelling questions, high energy, and full engagement. Don’t let anyone be more enthusiastic than you!
  • always discuss work-related issues in a positive and upbeat way and be solution minded. Whining doesn’t exist in your vocabulary!
  • show up on time—early, even!
  • demonstrate great listening skills, seek constructive feedback to improve, and stretch yourself
  • approach customers proactively and focus on exceeding their expectations
  • seek out extra tasks and projects when there is down time
  • suggest new ways to improve sales, reduce costs, develop new products/processes, and add value to clients
  • understand how your supervisor is being evaluated and contribute to his/her success
  • seek opportunities to mentor and encourage others

Whether it’s simply enjoying the company of others or interviewing for the most significant career opportunity of your life, show your enthusiasm. It WILL make a difference!
How differently do you feel around people who are positive and enthusiastic versus those who are low energy or negative? Have you made a point to be enthusiastic at your workplace or in school? If so, has it helped your success?  

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Comments On A Secret Ingredient for Career (and Life) Success

John Zivojinovic - 9/10/2015 4:39:26 PM
Enthusiasm is contagious and infectious. Usually enthusiasm is tied to passion. Great article!!!

Reply by Dennis Trittin - 9/12/2015 11:42:35 AM
Thanks John! You might enjoy our upcoming 9-part leadership series. Stay tuned. Blessings, Dennis

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