Comments OnSetting Goals that Stick

Ed McCahill - 9/21/2011 5:24:41 PM
Great advice, Den! During my final semester in college, a professor made us develop and write down our 10-year career and life goals. To achieve those 10 year goals, we had to develop 5 year goals. To achieve our 5 year goals, we developed 3 year goals. And, to achieve our 3 year goals, we set 1 year goals.

Having these goals in place - and in writing! - really helped focus my mind when I was presented with many options throughout my 20s. A written plan created without the pressure of having to make a decision gives you the freedom and confidence to say yes or no to new opportunities as they arise. I am pleased to say that I accomplished every single goal on my long list! I will always be grateful for that wise advice.