Comments OnThe Mother of all Financial Musts

Thomas Lewis - 7/9/2014 11:23:30 AM
Yes, it really is that important and about that simple. The one thing I would add is to set aside a "rainy day" fund (in addition to retirement type saving) Why? Because Stuff Happens. Increasingly expensive stuff. A recent spate of automotive & appliance repairs plus a minor surgical procedure reminded us of that. (And man, stuff like that costs more than it used to!) At this stage in life, and having lived like D suggests for most of our lives, it was easy to handle, but we had to wonder about what it would be like to be paycheck to paycheck and have such a run of little challenges that end up turning credit card interest into a meaningful drain. Having money won't make you happy, but being on the verge of broke most of the time is a setup for boundless misery.

Keep up the good work, Dennis.