A New Book Launch You Don't Want to Miss!

5/29/2019 10:31:13 PM

We have exciting news to report!


Whether during speaking engagements or one-on-one conversations with parents, there is one question that pops up every time: “When, and how, do I let go?” 


Knowing how vital this question is to parents and their children, we decided to do a deeper dive into this critical topic. And, we’re pleased to announce that our new book, Wings Not Strings: Parenting Strategies to Let Go with Confidence

will be released by fall.



In this book. we survey the young adult landscape and share how today’s parenting is contributing to some serious unintended consequences. Then, we offer encouragement and strategies to emotionally and practically let go and give our teens wings to soar. Finally, we provide insights to help kids prevent and cope with anxiety and the addictive nature of technology. 


The advance reviews of our new book are truly overwhelming! Here’s what one national parenting expert had to say:


“The tools and steps to guiding both the launching of our teens as well as our role in letting them go have taken me from questioning my own abilities to now being confident that I can release them to soar.”


We’ll have more to say in coming months, but wanted to give you this head’s up!


Stay tuned!