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8/23/2014 7:17:06 PM

If you’re an educator or youth mentor, you are probably searching now for new resources to build tomorrow’s leaders.


We’re here to help!


What I Wish I Knew at 18, our innovative leadership and life skills program, provides tools and resources that position young people forreal-world success. It helps students establish a leadership foundation for life — and offers practical insights for key upcoming decisions (including college transition, career, family, finances, and more).


The book serves as a stand-alone resource, and the accompanying 49-lesson consumable student guide provides a ready-to-use course loaded with dynamic and interactive discussion starters, activities,and assignments.


The FREE downloadable accompanying leader’s guide is available on our website for your easy access. And this year we are pleased to announce our new middle school leader’s guide, making What I Wish I Knew at 18 even more versatile for your program!


Strategically, What I Wish I Knew at 18 addresses:


     - 23 out of the 40 Developmental Assets as defined by the Search Institute, and


      - meets 51 of the FCS National Standards Competencies, and


      - aligns with five FCCLA Competitive Star Events.


We are confident you’ll find it relevant to many aspects of your program—all in one course!


Our mission at LifeSmart Publishing is to serve YOU in your vital mission to equip and empower the next generation of leaders.


That’s why we’re offering this special back to school price of$13.99 per book and $24.99 for a book and student guidecurriculum set, through August 31st.


To order, simply visit our online store  on this site and


use coupon code B2S14 at checkout.


Here's to empowering the next generation!


Best regards,



   The LifeSmart Team



P.S. - We have special rates available for bulk orders of books, student guides, and full sets in a variety of packages to serve your program needs. Call today directly 920-319-3169 to arrange for special bulk-order savings.