Introducing Our New Book: Parenting for the Launch

9/7/2013 1:12:03 AM

It’s been two and a half years since the release of What I wish I Knew at 18 and, oh what an amazing time it’s been! Although optimistic from the beginning, we could never have envisioned the success and impact it has had. We have been humbled and awed as the book and its accompanying course have made their way into homes, schools, mentor programs, and around the world.


To our surprise, we have heard a resounding plea from parents, educators, businesses, mentor and faith organizations, and at-risk youth programs: Please write a book for parents! Why? And, why such a sense of urgency?


Colleges and employers report that an alarming percentage of today’s high school graduates are ill equipped to handle the pressures and responsibilities of the real world. As our world is becoming more competitive, kids are often lacking the personal skills and qualities to succeed. The economic climate and job market are especially challenging these days, especially for our younger generation. Also, the cultural climate offers innumerable distractions and potential de-railers that most of us never experienced (or even imagined!).


Many parents describe feeling isolated, ill-equipped and under-prepared, with kids who don’t appear be listening during this crucial time of life. They are anxious about their children leaving home and their relationships are often strained. At a time when parents want to become closer to their teens, they feel like they’re being pushed away in favor of other voices. These questions keep them awake at night:


1.     Have we covered the bases?

2.     How will our relationship change?

3.     Are they ready?

4.     Are we ready???


We believe (and think most will agree) that young adults today need more than head knowledge. They need a solid, holistic leadership foundation that will support them and enable them to make key decisions in these crucial years and beyond. This includes having a purposeful life perspective, solid character, strong personal disciplines, the ability to develop healthy relationships, career smarts, financial management skills, and the capacity to overcome adversity.


We also believe that the first place this training needs to happen, alongside of schools and mentor organizations, is in the home. Parents have a unique role in preparing their children for a successful launch to the real world. It is a role that is both exhilarating and challenging, to say the least.  It can be “the best of times and the worst of times,” as Charles Dickens once penned! And, while there are many excellent parenting books out there, many focus on behavior and discipline without offering the complete picture of life readiness. 


 So, we (Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence) collaborated to write Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World as a comprehensive guide for today’s parents to train tomorrow’s successful adults. We hope it will inspire, equip, and encourage parents with proven principles and innovative strategies to confidently navigate the later teen years, particularly in that strategic period leading up to the “launch.”


We are over-the-top excited about this book! (And so are the reviewers of our manuscript!) Parenting for the Launch is designed to help parents grow in their understanding, effectiveness, and confidence in preparing their teens for a successful launch. It is filled with principles, strategies, thought-provoking questions and exercises to guide today’s parent. It also offers the invaluable perspectives and desires of employers and educators who are working with young adults—“real world” perspectives on what our children need to thrive in adulthood.


Want a sneak peek? The book contains three powerful sections:

1.     Destination Preparation: how to give teens “wings, not strings,” setting parenting goals, building a leadership foundation in your teen, and preparing him or her with street-smart wisdom for key life decisions

2.     Relationship Preparation: how to customize your parenting based on your teen’s unique personality, how to affirm his or her value through an understanding of his/her “personal assets,” how to successfully communicate and build an enduring relationship, and how to recruit positive third party voices into your teen’s life

3.     Transition Preparation: how to move from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat by gradually releasing control, and how to set up for a successful transition after your teen leaves home


Parenting for the Launch is expected to be released in November, 2013. Please grow our circle by “liking” our FB page and following us on Twitter. Help us spread the word by sharing Parenting for the Launch with your friends, family, and associates. Watch our website and your inbox for updates, and if you’re not already on our email newsletter, you can sign up here.


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