Daughter Upstages Father in Teen Parenting Webinar

6/6/2011 3:39:35 PM

Okay, so it was my first webinar featuring…me! However, my great friends at Stronger Families (strongerfamilies.org) had the foresight to invite my daughter Lauren to participate in the Parenting Teens webinar. Honored founder of Stronger Families, Jeff Kemp, would interview us on the subject of parenting teens and how my book offers parents a vision for a successful launch into adulthood.

It was a wonderful interview with wide ranging topics such as how to talk with your teens about the key decisions they’re about to face and how to build strong relationships when teens are wanting and needing more independence.

But, do you know what everyone has said was the best part? The answer is hearing from Lauren, who epitomizes the daughter every dad would be proud of. It turns out that she’s a marketing force for my book because people will conclude her father had something to do with it! Truth be known, Lauren has been a natural, servant leader from as far back as I can remember.

I hope all of you catch the On Demand showing of our Webinar which you can reach via the following link. Thanks to Jeff Kemp and Noel Meador for inviting us to share with friends of Stronger Families, a GREAT organization promoting strong marriages and strong families. And, thanks Lauren, for making your dad look good!  http://promo.strongerfamilies.org/dennis-trittin