13 Steps to an Upward Culture Spiral

3/15/2011 2:31:22 PM

Anyone for a “spiral up” in our culture? Frankly, I think it’s long overdue! Recently, I spoke with a woman who, after learning about the success pointers in my book, said it has the potential to do just that. I was honored and humbled by the thought. So, on this otherwise dreary weather day in Gig Harbor, I decided to go back through my success pointers to see which ones could have the greatest potential to change our culture course (presuming people put these principles into practice on a grand scale!).
In sequential order these success pointers appear in the book, here are my 13 steps to an upward culture spiral:
  1. Direct your life toward others
  2. Don’t define success by riches
  3. Demonstrate your capacity to love
  4. Cultivate a servant’s heart
  5. Preserve your reputation and integrity at all costs
  6. Don’t say something about someone else that you wouldn’t mind them overhearing
  7. Be on “role model behavior” around kids
  8. Regularly show appreciation and gratitude toward others
  9. Strive to be an “agreeable disagreer”
  10. Count your blessings
  11. Recognize the difference between “love” and “lust”
  12. Choose your spouse as a forever decision
  13. Have children when you’re married and ready
Imagine how the world would be if we all took these to heart? And if Corporate America, the political establishment, and the entertainment industry would embody them in the messages they send to our kids?